You have a lot to handle, a lot of responsibility. You’re the one everyone comes to for the answers and you’re the one who is on the hook if things go badly, and if things go well. We’re here to help.

We have a level of expertise helping business owners plan for how they use the proceeds of their business – whether that be income, dividend, or its sale – like few other firms in the country. Other advisors in the industry seek our opinion and perspective, and it’s an important focal point for our business.

Your business is taxed. Then it’s taxed again. And then it gets taxed one more time before you get any of it. And how you use that will be taxed. Which means that, how you structure your company(ies), and how revenue finds its way out of the business are critical to getting the most out of your business.

We’ve helped business owners make some small changes that had a big difference, and make some massive changes that had incredible impacts. Working alongside your lawyer, accountant and other professional advisors, we want to make sure you protect what you’ve built.

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