Founded by in 2005, ONELIFE was created with the objective of building a team of solution-based, impartial financial planners to fill a gap in the financial services industry. The focus has always been to provide financial services to clients through a formalized process that would focus on tax effective solutions. Bill Holmes, the founder of ONELIFE, has been providing tax effective planning to successful business owners in the areas of investment, retirement income, and wealth transfer planning for over 30 years.


You were so easy to deal with and very helpful.

Danielle and Robert

Thank your for your spirit, professionalism, warmth and efficiency.



Ron and Linda

We appreciate the time you took to guide us through Linda’s transition to retirement. We are extremely pleased with all the work you’ve done and the service you provide.


I want to thank you sincerely for your support with financial matters throughout this past five months. It has made this transition so much easier for me – you cannot imagine! Your professionalism, caring and expertise are exceptional. I look forward to working with you for a long time in the future.


ONELIFE has always had my best interests in mind and is constantly helping find ways in which I can improve my plan.


ONELIFE Wealth Management has provided me with top-notch, friendly service from the start. They took the time to sit down and explain everything in terms I understood.


I believe that you genuinely care about my financial wellbeing and that you treat me more as a friend than a client.


I would rate my experiences with you as my advisor as excellent.


The most positive aspect is your dedication to detail and patience in explaining details.