OneLife Welcomes Mark Humphreys

OneLife Welcomes Mark Humphreys

The OneLife team is growing.

Mark will play a key role in OneLife’s insurance department. As a licensed professional, he plays the role of New Business Associate, where he is responsible for the application process and following that process through to ensure onboarding of new clients is smooth and impactful.

Mark’s career in financial services has taken him to different places, where he has gathered extensive product knowledge and become an expert at utilizing various software and tools required to properly market the insurance landscape.

OneLife is Ottawa’s most well-rounded Financial Services firm, working with established families on all aspects of Family Wealth.


OneLife Wealth Management

OneLife is a family wealth firm in Ottawa. The team at OneLife provides clients with comprehensive wealth and tax planning advice that is carefully designed to build, manage and protect their family’s net worth. Services at OneLife span from Private Wealth Management, Income and Estate Planning, Corporate Wealth Planning, and Group Benefits and Pensions.

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