Here’s a simple fact: you don’t create a great business, or a great result, without great people. That’s why we worked hard to create a team that can help, one that can really make a difference. They’re bright, they care, and they’re really good at what they do. Meet the team...

Bill Holmes
Chris Bockstael
Todd Dundas
Kerri O'Rourke
Amber Tomkiewicz
Jennifer Peterson
Marc Ouellet
William (Bill) Melody
Daniel Sonkodi
Christine Helmer
Kaysi Blais
Nick Bockstael
George Donkor
Chris Valentine
Adam Skube
Brendan Bell
Joan Farrell
Brad Powe

Allan Taylor

25 Kings Landing Private
Ottawa ON K1S 5P8
Phone: (613) 244-9073 Fax: (613) 216-2361

Toronto Clients: (416) 607-6027

Steven Taylor

1908-1500 Riverside Drive
Ottawa ON K1G 4J4
Phone: (613) 521-5055 Fax: (613) 521-9503