Ontario Physicians and Changes to the Disability Policy

Ontario Physicians and Changes to the Disability Policy

OMA is making changes to the Disability policy for physicians which in turn, will be increasing rates significantly for their members (physicians). Effective September 1st 2021. RBC has responded by providing a limited time offer of 25% OFF to any and all Ontario physicians who apply/switch their Disability policy to RBC. Promo ends September 10th 2021.  

In addition to the 25% discount on the DI product, RBC is also offering ON physicians a 10% discount on applications for Term Life coverage right now, till September 10’th and if they apply for both CI and Life together, the client will save on the policy fee for the life contract, which is about $40 annually.

If you have any questions regarding this policy update or want to learn more, please reach out through email at

 We look forward to guiding and educating you through these changes!  

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