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Most people recognize that having a formally drafted will is the bedrock for any estate plan, but most individuals do not recognize the need for more thoughtful planning as their business affairs become more and more complex.

If you are an individual with children, grandchildren, philanthropic ambitions, or personal assets (investments, businesses, vacation properties), you need a comprehensive estate plan to make sure your wealth is allocated according to your wishes. The purpose of an estate plan is to decrease the potential costs and delays involved in settling your estate.

At OneLife Wealth Management we understand that building and protecting wealth is of the upmost importance. Our team is here to help you build a retirement income plan that reaches your goals and safeguard your estate for your children, grandchildren, and the personal causes you have spent a lifetime supporting . Families in the greater Ottawa area have come to depend on OneLife Wealth Management for our industry-leading trust and estate services, and to help their families in the preservation and transfer of assets.

The team at OneLife Wealth Management will work with your family to put the right plan and structures in place to meet your goals now, and to provide your family continuity in the future.



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